download (77)online technology began reaching greater heights leading to what we know of now. Article writing became my regular gig getting paid almost weekly and served with various topics that are very diverse in nature making learning fun and allowing me to earn. But as all the job there is in the world, it can sometimes make you feel beaten, stressed and burnt out. However, from my experience, the stresses and challenges of freelance content writing is easier to bounce back from compared to working in a corporate setup. Since I have full control of my time, I can slow down a little and choose the volume of work I accept, because I value the quality of output I submit to my customers.

Freelance content writing can be a joy to those who seek employment that offers diversity and avenues of learning about variety of topics, old and new, from technology to history. It is rewarding for me because:

1. It allows me to gain full control of my time depending on the volume of work I accept.

2. It allows me to learn about plenty of things and choose among those that truly interests me.

3. I can work at the convenience of my own place or even when I am travelling.

4. I can plan, collaborate directly with my clients and discover new ways of accomplishing a certain project.

5. A good way and seemingly endless avenue in expressing my creativity.

I don’t want to sound a hypocrite and not express the consequences of the career path I have chosen, so to cite a few:

1. In freelance content writing, you can come and go as you please and it can be a challenge when in finding new writing gigs every time you step back.

2. Competition, as in any other kind of business, freelance content writing is a very competitive work, not only competing in quality but the volume of talented writers globally rose to a huge number.

3. Advertising can be a great deal of a challenge, not only do I have to resort in scraping ad boards on a regular basis but I need to ensure that employers looking for me, find me at the right time and at the right place.

4. The diversity of job can often become a consequence rather than an advantage as it can be overwhelming and make you lose focus. Taking a break, because of eagerness to finish a project, often long hours spent on the computer without taking a breather can cause a feeling of getting stressed.

Dealing with clients who can either be too choosy or those always bargaining about the price. Be firm!

Focusing on the advantages working as a freelance content writer, rather than the disadvantages will take your career on a better place. Deciding on working as a freelance content writer did not seem to be always lucrative in terms of income because of the competition out there but with great effort in advertising and searching genuine clients, it can get you enough money to live a life you pictured working at the convenience of your own place or while travelling.

I am a freelance content writer and web designer providing services to individuals and businesses who requires certain things done remotely to save on costs. Before working as a freelancer, I have years of experience in management and training in corporate setup mostly in customer service and sales. In the recent years, I have focused more on providing services to better manage my time and ensure I can tailor my skills depending on the needs of clients requiring my expertise.


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