download (82)Websites are changing fast nowadays as the demand and changes and technology improves. Mobile responsive websites are becoming a must due to the huge increase of internet users accessing the web via their mobile devices. Auto-responders are becoming a necessity to be able to cater to the immediate needs of customers all over the world in different time zones. Thus, adjusting your website features to satisfy the need of the current market becomes a must.

People, your main target for your website, can be too judgmental when it comes to looks; the same goes with the look of your website. Thus, investing in a good-looking website that will catch and retain a customer’s attention is a must for every website owner.

Here are some of the latest website features you should have to improve your user experience nowadays.


Auto-responders are essential nowadays to be able to address the immediate needs of your users. You can provide a fixed template for the common problems and issues that your customer often inquires about in your business. Doing so makes your customer feel that their problems are immediately attended to by your brand – increasing trust and loyalty in the process.

Members Login Area

Having a members login area ensures that you are getting quality emails for your email lists. A customer will not register in your website unless it is worth following. This is a small feature but brings big impacts to the website.

Strategically placed headlines

When designing the homepage for a website, it is important to provide a headline that will provide your customers an insight on what you do and what your website offers. This headline can also be used in your social media accounts as you create a coherent and unified look for all your websites and online platforms on the web.

Call to actions

Pop ups and call to action are suggestive features that increases the possibility of interaction from your customers. Adding social media widgets where your readers can easily like, follow or share your content or product is a free marketing strategy taken care for by your customers. The more interaction you get from the call to action buttons that you feature in your website, the more beneficial it will be for building your brand and reaching out to other potential clients.

Improving text readability

Text style is one of the commonly overlooked parts of web design. If your readers are having difficulties reading your page, how can you expect them to become your customers? Black text on a white background is the very basic and most readable approach when it comes to web templates. Text width and spacing should be taken into account as well.

Installing widgets and other features in your website should also be based on initial study on how your customers respond to your website. Taking into account what your user needs helps in giving them what they need and satisfying their wants, increasing the potential of getting quality, loyal and active followers for your website and brand.


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