download (74)What if you could have a simple, 3 word meta strategy that informs every piece of content you write? Every piece of copy you craft and every idea you consider? With so much competition in just about every niche, market or industry you’ll find yourself these days… what separates those that are truly doing great work, from others who are just eeking by?

To my mind, it’s the value system you bring to your work and the mission or manifesto that is embedded in your ideas.

When I look at my own experience as an online entrepreneur, that simple 3 word mandate changed my business.

Make people better.

Rather than trying to focus on gimmicks or gadets or trying to write convincing copy to persuade people to buy my “stuff”, that simple overarching ethos, infused into every aspect of my entrepreneurial ambition, was, and remains, liberating.

If you look at every encounter, every visitor, every fan, friend, follower, client or customer as an opportunity to improve someone in an area you have genuine experience or expertise, it’s impossible NOT to succeed.

People will seek you out. They will feel differently after being exposed to your ideas, your ethos and your approach. And even if you don’t have any incredible insights or ideas that are unique to you, or all that innovative, just the idea that you are driven by something passionate and pure will make you stand out. (and often stand alone)

I want to share with you the simple tweak that has been most revolutionary in my own business. Especially when this idea has been integrated into the 3 word mandate above.

(it’s also 3 words, but that’s purely coincidental:-)

Teach 1 thing. Focus on fixing one hyper specific problem your audience feels with every piece of content, or communication you create.

Stay ferociously focused on fixing ONE problem. Simple fixes and Tiny wins. This is the way that your audience comes away from their experience with you BETTER than how they were coming in.

Here is a short exercise you can try:

Write down all of the areas you have experience, expertise and passion that could help others “win” where they are losing right now. It could be in any niche, any market or any industry.

If your prospective clients knew or did what you DO, how much better would they become?

Then simply teach that one thing, for that one problem. Put it into a checklist a blog post, a course or curriculum or create a simple service around that one thing.

Make people better. Start small, then scale. It really IS that easy, I promise!

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