images (41)Rule #1: Teach, Don’t Write.

The truth is, the vast majority of passionate, purposeful people who have genuine experience and expertise to offer, don’t create content that converts. Why? Because we try to write like Shakespeare, or we get stuck trying to come up with the perfect prose, product or program. If there is any universally easy way to overcome writers block in 30 seconds flat, it’s to STOP thinking of yourself as a writer and start thinking of yourself as a teacher. Share what you know. Make it short, easy to understand, and hyper actionable. Your audience will love you, and your readers will start to seriously consider your paid offers as well.

Rule #2: Make people better.

Every time you write something new, ask yourself this: “Does this article, update, blog, book, tip or tutorial make people better? If so… HOW so?” Whatever it is that you know, or do well, should be able to demonstrate some sort of obvious improvement in the lives of your readers, students or audience, immediately after implementing whatever it is that you recommended. If its doesn’t, re-write it until it does.

Rule #3:

Teach ONE Thing. (at a time) The REAL secret to content marketing is this. Turn TINY pain points into quick wins for your audience. I call this the “Teach 1 Thing” technique as it forces you to get hyper focused on creating content that is outcome oriented, and is super specific. Every piece of content you aim to create that makes people better (as we covered in #2) should ONLY focus on one hyper targeted “pain point” that you can “pop” with your authority, experience or expertise. Always begin with the end in mind. Know what the pain is, how you are going to fix it, and then work backwards from there. So many people offer generic, recycled or diffuse ideas for improvement. In your case, you will be focusing on ONE hyper specific “fix” that your audience will instantly be able to implement, to solve a genuine problem, challenge or obstacle they face everyday.

Rule #4: Repurpose like a Rockstar

There has never been a better time to repurpose, recycle and re-use your content in cool and creative ways to generate cash. For example? In the simplest form, an article like this one can be posted on my blog, turned into a PDF, and offered as an incentive for new readers to sign up for my list. If I wanted to be a bit more creative? I could turn this article into a list based slide presentation, do a screen share with audio, take audience Q and A, show some live examples, and turn it into a 60 minute multimedia course for $47.

Rule #5: The REAL secret to earning $1000 a week with content?

This is a bit counter intuitive to what most folks recommend, but I say, give away as much of your stuff for free as you can. Instead of trying to work your way up to having books written, courses for sale, and products to offer in your niche, market or industry, instead… focus on coaching and consulting with high end clients who can afford premium prices. You need 4 coaching clients at $1000 a month to earn 4K a month, or $1000 a week. If you focus on creating content that solves ONE problem at a time, and you demonstrate real value to your audience, people WILL line up to pay you for your intimate expertise 1 on 1.

If you think that $1000 a month feels too “rich” for your comfort level right now? Aim for 8 clients at $500 each. Or, 16 who would be willing to be part of a group or community at $250. The truth is, the BIG secret is most entrepreneurial success I the online space is about MATH, rather than marketing, and there are always people who will WANT to work with you if you demonstrate passion, purpose, and empowering ideas in your area of expertise!

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