Month: March 2016

6 Simple, But Powerful Ways to Make People See You As an Expert in Online Business

download (79)Over 3 billion people are on the internet worldwide, searching for something: the best answers, the best solution, guides, prices, etc.

You work hard every day in front of your computer screen to get their attention. You pay for ads and practice every SEO technique in the book. You spend even more hours promoting your page on the social media. And at last they begin to pay your website a visit.

But when they arrive and see what you have to offer, they are filled with doubt and begin to question your authority and expertise.

Believe it or not, more and more people will judge you based on what appears online about you.

Once you are perceived as an expert online, your value rises instantly. Google takes notice also and begins to honour you with high ranking for your website and profile in their search results.

Your income will also increase as your reputation increases. You will get more clients, people will step over each other to be the first to grab your product and services.

In the midst of the large number of online professionals and sources of information, if you own a website or blog and you seriously care about what impression your audience and potential employers and clients might have about you online, you might want to check out these strategies.

1. Put a spot light on your remarkable milestones and endorsements:

This action automatically stamps a huge mark of endorsement and authenticity on your brand. It dispels doubts instantly and assures them you are up to the task as it regards online businesses and deals.

Just above the fold on his website, Timothy Sykes boldly declares how he turned $12,415 into $4,430,000 Trading Penny Stocks.

Also when people can associate you with a third party name they can trust, even in their dreams, most of the mental barriers stopping them from trusting and accepting you crashes; for example, getting featured on CNN or appearing on New York Times Bestsellers list.

On landing to his homepage, Ramit Sethi immediately tells you, ” Get the best of my New York Times Best seller for free

If these big names have endorsed your quality, achievement and expertise, a stranger will have little resistance to trusting your ability to deliver. But you must work hard in secret to get the attention of these big brands.

2. Be extremely honest:

If you don’t live in a civilized and secure society like America, don’t go online like Pat Flynn, John Dumas and others to tell the world how much gets credited into your bank account monthly. Such extreme show of honesty could be your greatest undoing in such environment.

However, as much as is possible, go the extra mile to show honesty in your dealings. This might not be convenient sometimes, you might be scared that sharing some negative experiences you are not so proud of will lower your reputation. It will actually have the opposite effect. So be honest both when the going is bad and when it is good.

3. Know a lot about a particular thing you are known for and share it free.

Timothy Sykes knows a lot about Trading Penny Stocks, Glen Allsopp knows so much about Viral Marketing. Pat Flynn is the crash test dummy of online businesses.

Know a lot and share the knowledge freely like Ramit Sethi does. He gives out over 90% of his premium course for free.

That’s a great way to give and since givers never lack, guess what you will receive in return among other things… a recognition as an expert.

4. Get a niche and mine it deep like a gold mine.

Be known for something and stick with that identity.

Carter for a particular need of a particular group of people and be so good at solving it that once they think of that need you quickly come to mind.

Rank high in the search engines for a particular keyword in a particular location such that when people type those keywords in the search bar you appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

There is always the temptation to spread your tentacles and offer more, but you are more likely to have success in that if you have an already established reputation than when you have none, and simply want to be so many things to so many people (that doesn’t equate to so much money).

5. Believe in yourself:

“I am not good enough”, “nobody will listen to me”, “my idea sucks”, are all lies that build a wall between you and the life of your dreams. Whatever you believe about yourself becomes true instantly. If you think you can, you definitely can but if you think otherwise, then you are sucked. People will notice such thoughts and respond accordingly.

Embrace your fears and self-doubts and move on. That’s how great men succeed and become experts and authorities in their fields, including online businesses.

6. Fake it until you make it

Emotions are contagious. People respond to social cues. When you are happy, confident and enthusiastic, these feelings rub off on people, to an extent. They just pick up on your demeanor, and consciously or not, adjust their own to be more similar. So by appearing confident and happy like an expert, you are also conditioning other people to associate those emotions with you.

Thank me later for the results. But for now feel free to share your opinion on the comment section.

Cost to Write a Grant

download (78)The cost grant writers charge to write grants can be as varied as the cost of writing an insurance policy. Cost on the internet can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars for the same services. So how do you know that you are getting a fair price for your services.

Many first time clients pay too much for grant writing services. This is partly because they are too desperate for the extra “free” money. There is an expectation that if they give a few thousand dollars to a grant writer that they will receive ten or a hundred times their investment in return; and probably the more money they pay the grant writer the more money they will receive in the grant award. The fact is that there is no guarantee that a grant application will be funded, regardless of how much the grant writer is paid.

One of the application characteristics looked at closely by funders is the financial stability of the applicant organization. If the applicant has a weak, or non-existing, financial statement many funders will consider this application to be a financial risk. Ironically, most grant funding does not go to start-up or struggling businesses. Most grant funding goes to well-established business with a track record of success in programs and fiscal management. It is a weak rational to request grant money to help pay your bills because you are not able to generate enough income on your own to do so.

Another critical issue is when the grant writer charges their fees based on a percentage of the amount of the grant. The practice of charging a percentage or commission on the grant award is an unethical practice in all cases, and illegal in some applications. In addition, this is an unethical practice throughout all of fund raising.

The cost to write a grant proposal or application as well as research for funders should be based on an hourly rate times the estimated hours to complete the work. Many grant writers will convert this into a flat fee which is both legal and often an advantage to the applicant.

There are no fees to submit a grant application. Submitting a grant does not require personal debts or taxes to be paid, nor should there be any other backend fees or business debts that are required to be paid. If a grant writer request any additional fees for these or similar purpose it should raise a red flag and you should look elsewhere.

Understand that most of the time spent working on a grant applications and proposals is in reading the instructions and reviewing the instructions in regards to the application content. The actual writing time is a small portion of the overall preparation time.


7 Tips to Help You Profit More From Your Online Business

images (39)Business owners always want to earn profits. It’s always the goal, no matter how big or small your business is. Earning good profits can be a challenge, but it’s very possible. Just be willing to study the tactics to earn good profits online. With that in mind, here are 7 tips to kickstart your profit-earning from your online business.

1. Give Back to Your Customers

Your customers will surely feel valued if your business has a loyalty or rewards programme. Giving back to your customers builds loyalty with them, and so they will keep on buying and buying your products in the long term. Maybe you can reward your customers every time they buy, say, more than £100 worth of your products. Alternatively, you could give bonuses to customers who refer your business to other people they know.

2. Hold a Christmas / Holiday Term Sale

Holding a sale for holiday seasons like Christmas is one of the best ways to make money online. Don’t worry about selling your products at a discount, because in the end you’ll drive traffic to your site, attract more customers, and make more sales. It’s also a good way to promote your business to others, as people are always attracted to products sold at cheaper prices.

3. Talk to Your Customers (via Chat Room)

Put up a chat room on your website, where your customers can talk to you, ask questions, and voice their concerns. It gives them the chance to get their questions answered immediately. As a result, your clients will feel that your business is always accessible. This way, they will trust your business even more.

4. Be Sociable (in Social Media)

Of course, having an online business means having social media accounts. Get comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks. Use these tools to market your products. Leverage the power of crowdsourcing: allow your followers to do the advertising for you! Your followers will make your product known through shares, retweets, and reviews on their personal accounts. The further your reach in social media, the more products you’ll sell, and the more money you’ll make. And if you get lucky, next thing you know a celebrity is already endorsing your product through their social media accounts!

5. Welcome Media Exposure

Don’t pass up any opportunity to get interviewed. This way, you can show people your expertise in your field, especially if you’re running a consulting business. Once people know you as someone who is very good at what you do, they will look up to you and trust your business. This will surely build up your customer base quickly.

6. Make Use of Webinars

Webinars are great sources of passive income. Take advantage of this and sell your products online through live webinars, where many people are listening. And if you’re in a webinar with trusted people, just like #5, people will likely trust you as well. Thus, this is another great way to expand the reach of your business.

7. Advertise on Google

You’ll have the whole world as your audience when you run an ad on Google. Nearly everyone uses Google daily, and people use Google more than any other site. Your reach will be massive!

Follow these top 7 tips to boost your earnings from your online business now! You’ll never regret them.

What I Enjoy About Working As a Freelance Content Writer

download (77)online technology began reaching greater heights leading to what we know of now. Article writing became my regular gig getting paid almost weekly and served with various topics that are very diverse in nature making learning fun and allowing me to earn. But as all the job there is in the world, it can sometimes make you feel beaten, stressed and burnt out. However, from my experience, the stresses and challenges of freelance content writing is easier to bounce back from compared to working in a corporate setup. Since I have full control of my time, I can slow down a little and choose the volume of work I accept, because I value the quality of output I submit to my customers.

Freelance content writing can be a joy to those who seek employment that offers diversity and avenues of learning about variety of topics, old and new, from technology to history. It is rewarding for me because:

1. It allows me to gain full control of my time depending on the volume of work I accept.

2. It allows me to learn about plenty of things and choose among those that truly interests me.

3. I can work at the convenience of my own place or even when I am travelling.

4. I can plan, collaborate directly with my clients and discover new ways of accomplishing a certain project.

5. A good way and seemingly endless avenue in expressing my creativity.

I don’t want to sound a hypocrite and not express the consequences of the career path I have chosen, so to cite a few:

1. In freelance content writing, you can come and go as you please and it can be a challenge when in finding new writing gigs every time you step back.

2. Competition, as in any other kind of business, freelance content writing is a very competitive work, not only competing in quality but the volume of talented writers globally rose to a huge number.

3. Advertising can be a great deal of a challenge, not only do I have to resort in scraping ad boards on a regular basis but I need to ensure that employers looking for me, find me at the right time and at the right place.

4. The diversity of job can often become a consequence rather than an advantage as it can be overwhelming and make you lose focus. Taking a break, because of eagerness to finish a project, often long hours spent on the computer without taking a breather can cause a feeling of getting stressed.

Dealing with clients who can either be too choosy or those always bargaining about the price. Be firm!

Focusing on the advantages working as a freelance content writer, rather than the disadvantages will take your career on a better place. Deciding on working as a freelance content writer did not seem to be always lucrative in terms of income because of the competition out there but with great effort in advertising and searching genuine clients, it can get you enough money to live a life you pictured working at the convenience of your own place or while travelling.

I am a freelance content writer and web designer providing services to individuals and businesses who requires certain things done remotely to save on costs. Before working as a freelancer, I have years of experience in management and training in corporate setup mostly in customer service and sales. In the recent years, I have focused more on providing services to better manage my time and ensure I can tailor my skills depending on the needs of clients requiring my expertise.