Month: February 2016

Guide On How To Make Money Online The Easy Way

download (76)With the coming of the internet, there are plenty of ways of making money online. If you are planning on joining the bandwagon here are some of the ways of making money on the internet:

Be a freelancer

A freelancer is an independent professional who isn’t tied to one employer. We can call a freelancer the modern day entrepreneur. You can be a freelancer in different areas including: web design, graphic design, writing and virtual assistance. All you need is identify what you are good at and offer the service. The cool thing is that there are plenty of freelancing sites that you can join and offer your service.

Just like any other job, you need to have strong work ethics. This calls for you to offer the best service. In the freelancing sites, you rely on reviews left by previous clients. The more positive reviews you have the more attractive you look and the more clients you have. For you to have many positive reviews you need to always offer the best quality service.

Create your own blog

Years ago, people used blogs to write blogs as a hobby. This is no longer the case as you can make a full-time career out of blogging. All you need to do is identify a niche that you are passionate about and create a blog around it. You should work hard at becoming an industry leader in the niche by offering valuable information. You should also be abreast with the latest happenings in your industry. There are plenty of ways in which you can earn money from your blog. You can earn by selling your products, pay-per-click links, ads and affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing

To be an affiliate marketer you need to have a good social media following or a good blog or website. You can use these online outlets to promote products, websites and offers that pay. The cool thing is that you don’t need to have your products for you to be an affiliate marketer-you simply need to promote other people’s products and earn a commission for every sale made. To start your affiliate marketing career you need to first sign up with an affiliate program. There are many that you can join and all you need is research and find the right one for your needs.

You will then find products and offers your friends and followers may be interested in and get a unique affiliate link. You should post the unique affiliate link on your blog and social media pages. You get paid for any sale you make on your unique link.


The internet isn’t a place of only having fun-you can also make money and craft a career around it. When making money online you need to treat it just like the brick and mortar job where you need to have strong work ethics.

5 Things to Note When Starting Your Own Business

download (75)Starting an online business could be your springboard to success. It could be the best decision you could ever make in your life.

Truly, starting an online business can be very exciting, especially with the prospect of being successful in life. But then again, there is also a downside to it. Not that it should discourage you, though; knowing the downsides would only help to steer you on the right path. Here are the top five things you will realise once you start your own business.

1. Your business could go a in different direction.

Of course, you would have a plan for your business. You would want it to go your way, so you create goals, timetables, and deadlines to meet. But there could be roadblocks that you’ll encounter along the way. Don’t be discouraged, though; instead, find ways to cope with the circumstances. Making a Plan B (and a Plan C, and even a Plan D if you can) is always a helpful solution. If things don’t go your way, don’t give up. Adapt to the situation, and hold on to your vision.

2. Other people will mock you.

There will be people who will mock you, ridicule you, laugh at you, and tell you all sorts of stuff that will discourage you. The sad thing is, some of these people can even be your friends or family. If you really want your business to succeed, just ignore these spiteful comments. Paying attention to them will do you no good. Focus more on working towards your goal, and soon enough your business venture will succeed.

3. Success does not come quickly.

You have to work your way to success, and the road to it is a long one. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to work hard to earn your success. And there will be times that you’ll encounter failures and rejections. But if your attitude is one that never gives up easily, you’ll be on your way to success soon enough.

4. The path to success is away from your comfort zone.

Every one of us would prefer to stay in our comfort zones (which is why they’re called “comfort zones”). But staying there will take you nowhere. Have the courage to get out of that comfort zone. Doing so will open up many doors to different opportunities, adventures, and chances for learning and improving yourself.

5. You must drive yourself forward.

Running your own business can get lonely sometimes. You can’t always depend on inspiring words and motivation from your family, friends, and colleagues. Most of the time, you have to push yourself harder. If you feel a bit stressed with your business, hold on tight! The best is yet to come, and it will come soon!

The 3 Words That Will Change Your Online Business (and The Simple Tweak That Changed Mine)

download (74)What if you could have a simple, 3 word meta strategy that informs every piece of content you write? Every piece of copy you craft and every idea you consider? With so much competition in just about every niche, market or industry you’ll find yourself these days… what separates those that are truly doing great work, from others who are just eeking by?

To my mind, it’s the value system you bring to your work and the mission or manifesto that is embedded in your ideas.

When I look at my own experience as an online entrepreneur, that simple 3 word mandate changed my business.

Make people better.

Rather than trying to focus on gimmicks or gadets or trying to write convincing copy to persuade people to buy my “stuff”, that simple overarching ethos, infused into every aspect of my entrepreneurial ambition, was, and remains, liberating.

If you look at every encounter, every visitor, every fan, friend, follower, client or customer as an opportunity to improve someone in an area you have genuine experience or expertise, it’s impossible NOT to succeed.

People will seek you out. They will feel differently after being exposed to your ideas, your ethos and your approach. And even if you don’t have any incredible insights or ideas that are unique to you, or all that innovative, just the idea that you are driven by something passionate and pure will make you stand out. (and often stand alone)

I want to share with you the simple tweak that has been most revolutionary in my own business. Especially when this idea has been integrated into the 3 word mandate above.

(it’s also 3 words, but that’s purely coincidental:-)

Teach 1 thing. Focus on fixing one hyper specific problem your audience feels with every piece of content, or communication you create.

Stay ferociously focused on fixing ONE problem. Simple fixes and Tiny wins. This is the way that your audience comes away from their experience with you BETTER than how they were coming in.

Here is a short exercise you can try:

Write down all of the areas you have experience, expertise and passion that could help others “win” where they are losing right now. It could be in any niche, any market or any industry.

If your prospective clients knew or did what you DO, how much better would they become?

Then simply teach that one thing, for that one problem. Put it into a checklist a blog post, a course or curriculum or create a simple service around that one thing.

Make people better. Start small, then scale. It really IS that easy, I promise!

Want to Make $100K a Year Doing What You Love? The 5 Questions That Will Change Your Life

images (38)Who else is sick and tired of chasing dreams that seem perpetually out of reach? Do you jump from thing to thing… guru to guru and gimmick to gimmick in pursuit of passion, purpose and profit? If you are like most of the people I speak to, the truth is, you have a firm foundation and a strong sense of what you’d LOVE to do, but the overwhelming urge to seek out shortcuts, or shiny secrets knocks you off the path.

Here is the 1 simple truth that I’ve learned doing this work, every day for 10 years plus.

Each of us has a unique gift that is begging to be shared with the world. Each of us is strong, and powerful and passionate in areas that naturally bring value to others. And yet, even with this truth being eminently obvious to all, the vast majority of us spend our time trying to build a blog, a brand, a business and a bank account around ideas that have very little to do with these natural strengths.

Here is what I want you to do. Ask yourself these 5 simple questions. Write down your answers on a sheet of paper and carry it around with you for 3 days. Don’t type it out… and don’t stress about it. Just look at the questions, and write out the answers in the most natural, honest and organic way possible.

1 – Who are You?

2 – What do you do?

3 – Who do you do it for?

4 – What do they need?

5 – How do their lives change, when you do what you do BEST for them?

A quick confession:

These aren’t my questions. The first time I saw a version of this little exercise, I was at a life purpose business building seminar about a decade ago, and I was the type of person who would roll my eyes at these sorts of exercises. (the exercise was a little bit different than the one I outlined above, but close enough to get credit)

But I did it and I re-read my own answers a bunch of times over that weekend. IT was truly transformative for me. I realized that much of what I had been building and developing in my own business had very little to do with my true “inner” identify and what I really wanted to contribute to my clients, customers, and community.

So how do you earn $100K a year once you have your inner “A-ha” moment?

The truth is, you need to identify your ideal audience of high value clients and customers who will benefit in big ways from the value you offer.

The fastest way? Create 1 high dollar coaching service that costs about $5K for 12 months of your experience and expertise, and strive to get 20 clients per year.

You can also create many different types of content, courses, curriculums, books, products and programs and reach the same goal as well. I just find that it’s much easier, when you LOVE what you do, to charge what you’re worth, simplify, stick to ONE core thing and seek out the super small subset of people in any niche, market or industry who are willing and able to pay you for your genius, and feel lucky to do so!